Ensemble ÉMIGRÉ is a professional ensemble that brings together musicians and scholars to create inovative programmes of vocal and instrumental chamber music. It has a special interest in exploring music connected to migration and human mobility.

The ensemble aims to highlight and celebrate transcultural connections between people of different backgrounds and their expression in music.  It is closely connected to research at the Royal College of Music and other partner organisations.

The ensemble supports and mentors young professional musicians and provides opportunities for them to work alongside established artists. The ensemble works with artists and academics from different disciplines and aims to commission new work.

The idea for this ensemble has grown from the Singing a Song in a Foreign Land project at the Royal College of Music, which has been exploring and celebrating the work of composers and musicians who fled from the tyranny of National Socialism in Central Europe in the 1930s and 40s.

Artistic Director: Norbert Meyn

Music Co-Director: Cathy Heller Jones

Creative Co-Director: Joseph Kohlmaier

Advisory Committee: Geraldine Auerbach MBE, Lord David Ogilvy, Thorsten Terweiden

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Patron (£2000 per year or more) – adopt a performance!: It is our aim to perform re-discovered music by émigrés as often as possible: as a patron you are entitled to a private house concert which you can hold at a venue of your choice or give as a present to someone else, plus all of the above-mentioned benefits.

Please contact our treasurer Thorsten Terweiden (thorsten@terweiden.de) or write to Ensemble ÉMIGRÉ, c/o Norbert Meyn, Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Rd, Kensington, London SW7 2BS if you would like to join.


Audience Testimonies

I wanted to say how brilliant this evening's Leaves from the Tree of Life was. It was so moving and heartbreaking, yet uplifting that the music survived such dark days. Even our (just-­turned) five year-­old really enjoyed it and was fascinated by it all, especially the Dada music and recitation.

Well done and thank you. Woohoo! What a wonderful evening. A superb programme! Are you planning to take it on the road? I think it would be very appealing to many of the synagogues in London and around the country! Thank you for introducing us to this music and these lives. Xx

We have just returned home after the concert and wanted to let you know we thought it was fantastic. The programming was excellent and the performers were really high class. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

Congratulations on the event tonight, it was beautifully put together. Great performances all round, and a clever script (and some pretty handy acting) from Joseph. What a talented man. I particularly enjoyed the Ullman and the Robert Kahn songs, that's a name I hope to remember, his music is exceptional, to my ears…

The fusion of words and music was seamless and the whole concert so beautifully put together. We were treated to exquisite performances and I had my eyes (and ears) opened to some wonderful discoveries. It was deeply moving but there was also a lot of humour in the narration, which was brilliantly done. And those Ernst Toch pieces were fantastic!